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Progress Step 1

Autumn Term: Superheroes!

Broad overview
  • Baseline Assessments
  • Spark an Interest Day: 999 Day, Superheroes Day (Children and staff to dress up)
  • Languages, Literature and Communication
    • Genres Welsh: Wanted poster, Story, Description, Poetry, Factfile, Letter, recall, or re-write a story, comic strip.
    • Welsh stories of the Season: SuperAb; Supertaten; Sam Tân, Sion a’r Siwmper Aur; Mostyn a’r Monstyr y Mwyar; Dewi, Dwpsi a’r Dreigiau.
  • Humanities
    • History: Compare uniforms of nurse, fireman, police past and the present. Discuss our sporting heroes of today and yesterday. Look at old pictures / comic strips and compare how they have changed.
    • Geography: Understand the different roles played by different people in the community and identify different places such as hospital, fire station, police station, school, medical centre, pharmacy. Santa’s route on a simple map. Compare different habitats in terms of features.
    • Religious Education: Heroes in our lives and families. The journey of life with pictures of them at different ages. Grandfathers, grandmothers and great grandfathers and great grandmothers. Create a poster with the people who care for them using photographs. Explain why they are important to them. Create a card to thank someone who helped them. Nativity Characters: Angels, Shepherds, Wise Men.
    • Business Studies and Entrepreneurship: Raise money for charity during 999 Day.
  • Health and Wellbeing
    • Personal Care and Development: Discuss how the Community superheroes can look after us. Matching the job to the person e.g. Firefighters - Fire Station, PC-Police Force. Organize 999 Day so that children understand the different roles. Children to choose if they were to be a superhero which power would they like to have and why - focus on helping others. Make a Time Capsule to be opened at the end of the year to show what they want to be when they grow up.
    • Relationships and Emotions: Discuss experiences and emotions when we are sick and visit the doctor / go to hospital.
    • Staying Safe: Home Security, House Alarm, CCTV. To whom can we go in a crisis? Discuss what will happen if we see something bad happening. Fireworks Safety.
    • Physical Activity: (1) Balanceability, (2) Gymnastics (3) Ball Skills.
    • Healthy Choices: Explore a variety of social and moral issues such as bullying using circle time. Using physical play and exercise to stay healthy, fast and strong. Taste and eat healthy snacks and drink water.
  • Science and Technology
    • Science: Experiment with different materials to create a new cloak for a Superhero. Sort different materials, group materials. Correspond materials to scientific words e.g. - transparent. Fabric- soft, absorbs water . Discuss the impact of plastic on the world and how they can be plastic superheroes.How far can you throw a rocket experiment (standard and non-standard measurements) and use ordinal numbers to explain the order of landing.
    • Design and Technology: Use simple planning strategies to work as a group to create a trap for Pysen (Story Supertaten). Task group to raise awareness on the impact of plastic on the world.
    • Computing: Software to create Graph / pictogram of their favorite superhero. Use apps to create a simple video on the theme of superheroes.
  • Mathematics and Numeracy
    • Numeracy Work Across the Curriculum: Collect and analyse simple data of ‘Our Favourite Superheroes'. Compare and put in order the heights of superheroes. Learn number bonds with Spiderman, Top Trumps superheroes.
      Financial Literacy: Look for shapes in the outside area, number and counting hunt. Pay for important things needed for a superhero cape for example 20p for a cloak, 10p for mask etc. Create goods for the Christmas Fair and sell them to buy something for the class.
  • Expressive Arts
    • Music: Explore the sounds and effects of superheroes using percussion instruments using electronic resources like keyboards. Connect sounds with parts in a superhero story.
    • Art: Design a vegetable superhero to promote healthy eating. Use vegetables to paint / print. Produce a Plastic awareness poster to display around the school.
    • Digital Media: Create a social media post about a superhero’s visit. Create a superhero poster. Change Digital photos to give themseves superhero outfits.
    • Dance: Creative dance moves like superheroes using scarves as inspiration.
    • Drama: Roleplay Surgery, Police and Fire Station.


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