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Autumn Term: Land of Castles!

Broad Overview
  • Spark an Interest Day: Virtually Visit Caerphilly Castle and Castell Coch.
  • Languages, Literature and Communication
    • Welsh Language Genres: Use the structure of ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ to write a story about a knight. Pie Corbett - The Princess and the Pea. Letter to a Friend on a Journey to the Castle. Factual explanation of a Castle and the Purpose of Different Places in the Castle.
    • English Language Provision: Read Write Inc.
    • Term’s Welsh Language Short story: 'Academi Archarwyr' gan Alan McDonald.
    • Term’s English Language Short Story: 'The Reluctant Dragon by Kenneth Graham.
  • Humanities
    • History: Label the parts of castles and discuss their importance and why they were built. Learn about life in a castle – A Diary Day in a Castle. Red Chair Activity as a Queen / King (children to dress up). Look at how castles have changed over the years. What jobs did people do in the castle - an advertisement for these jobs. Wearing armour and doing different activities. Discuss how difficult it was for knights to to get around. Look at different armour and see advantages and disadvantages of different ones and suggest improvements.
    • Geography: Work on an overhead view of the castles we went to visit with a key. Design the castles of their dreams.
    • Religious Education: Pilgrimages (i.e. Mecca), Confirmation Ceremony, Harvest and Thanksgiving. Things we're thankful for in our lives. The Christmas Story and what they mean. Receiving gifts: feelings when we give and receive. Why do we give gifts? Holy Books of Different Religions.
    • Business Studies and Entrepreneurship: Products for the Winter Fair.
  • Health and Wellbeing
    • Personal Care and Development: Bread Experiment and hand hygiene. (While we create bread). Create a chart of coping with feelings. When I feel... I will have to... and then I will feel...
    • Relationships and Emotions: Read 'Dwy Goed Chwith' and discuss what was difficult for that child. Discuss the needs of others and what they would need in this school. How can we adapt our environment to facilitate life. The importance of friends. 'Here I am ... this is my friend'. Vocabulary related to friendship. KIVA work.
    • Staying Safe: Road safety. Online Security is expected to be taught regularly.
    • Healthy choices: Look at the unhealthy King’s banquet menu and explain why it is unhealthy. Design a healthy menu for a King’s banquet.
    • Physical activity: (1) Football, (2) Cycling Balanceability, (3) Dance for Fitness
  • Science and Technology
    • Science: Soft Archery. Children to investigate the amount of force required to shoot an arrow further. Research whether taller people throw a javelin further? Do taller people jump further? Look at the magnets of what materials are magnetic or non-magnetic. How do wheels (pullies) work (Knex - Wheel and Rope).
    • Design and Technology: Experiment with lolly sticks, paper, straw paper, blue paper to create a bridge to sustain a variety of pressures. Which is stronger? Experiment with different materials to create a strong shield. Follow instructions to make bread for a feast.
    • Computing: Use modelling software: one partner to give instructions to the other and the other to carry out the instructions on the computer. Coding in order to defend the castle. Create a bar graph to show how many people went to visit different castles. Search for castles on satellite websites / maps.
  • Mathematics and Numeracy
    • Numeracy Work Across the Curriculum: Word problems on Castles. Measure the weight that can be put on their bridges. Work stems from skills taught in Maths lessons.
    • Financial Literacy: How much does it cost for families of different sizes (amounts) to gain access to different castles.
  • Expressive Arts
    • Music: Listen to medieval Music. Understand a steady beat.
    • Art: Design a Shield design and create a (motto) for the shield. Look at the picture, ‘Castle in the Sun' by Paul Klee and discuss how it differs from a real castle. Children to create a piece of art in the style of Paul Klee.
    • Digital Media: Listen to the history of the Red Dragon flag and use software to create a poster celebrating the flag.
    • Dance: Traditional Dance of the Castle
    • Drama: Use white and red to recreate the story of the White Dragon and the Red Dragon.


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