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Progress Step 2

The Majestic Oceans!

Broad Overview

  • Languages, Literacy and Communication
    • Welsh Genres:Writing Poetry about the Sea, write a Letter of Thanks. Recall a trip to the beach or RNLI visit. Daily Diary of a deserted island.
    • English language: Read Write Inc.
    • Welsh language Short Story: 'Na Nell' series by Meleri Wyn James. Read Trysor Twm Ffat, Simsan.
    • English language Short Story: 'Wilf the Mighty Worrier' by Georgina Pritchett.
  • Humanities
    • History:A timeline of ships and boats (from the Vikings to the Hovercraft). Explore and compare beach holidays now and a long time ago. History of Barti Ddu and Henry Morgan. Newport Ship.
    • Geography: Investigate and compare contrasting areas such as Barry / Porthcawl and Abergavenny. Look at the seaside area and look for human and geographical features. Look at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Look briefly at how people affect the sea. Create a key for a deserted island map. Data collection for a dipping pond and rock pool (beach).
    • Religious education: Religious stories: Story of Noah and the Ark (Christianity and Judaism), Jonah's story (Christianity and Judaism), Story of the Good Samaritan (Christianity), the Story of the Sad Camel (Islam), Duni Chand Sory (Sikhism), The Story of the Lost Lamb (Christianity).
    • Business Studies and Entrepreneurship: Design and create products to sell to raise money for the RNLI. Work as small companies (groups) and keep track of profit / sales with a simple graph.

  • Health and Well Being
    • Personal Care and Development: Read and discuss the story "Y Bachgen Bach a’r Seren For” then carry out work on making efforts to care for others. Mindful Monsters, Yoga movements to deal with moving to a new class.
    • Relationships and Emotions: Discuss how money and treasure is important pirates, but what's important to them? Children to fill a chest with things that matter to them.
    • Staying Safe:Work on the dangers of swimming and playing in the water. Online Security is expected to be taught regularly.
    • Healthy Choices: How water affects learning and the body.
    • Physical activity: (1) Tennis (2) Field Games (3) Athletics

  • Science and Technology
    • Science: Food chain of the sea - sea turtle. Understand what are prey and predator. Look at habitats under the sea. Which animals live there and how they have adapted? Play guess the animal. Look at how animals use camouflage and disguise to hide form their predators. Separation of oil and water. Experiment with sinking and floating using various materials, such as shaping dough / foil. Experiment with what materials to use to travel over the river (Billy Goat Gruff story). Ramp and friction experiment in the context of lifeboat launches and which surface will be the fastest to launch the boat. The water Cycle: conduct rain inside experiment/an experiment on rain, inside, and learn the simple steps (precipitation, evaporation, collection). Measure the amount of pressure (non-standard / standard) that will sink the boat.
    • Design and Technology: Design and create a boat in groups (in order to experiment during Science lessons) using recycled materials.
    • Computing: Create a graph using simple software. Gather and record in a spreadsheet the length / weight of different ships. 2Simple2Code fun with fish. 2simple2connect about a visit – RNLI

  • Mathematics and Numeracy
    • Numeracy Work Across the Curriculum:Numeracy Work Across the Curriculum: Venn diagram of animals that live in the sea, pond, river. Work stems from skills learned in Mathematics lessons.
    • Financial Literacy: Working as small companies (groups) and keep track of their profit / sales with a simple graph.

  • Expressive Arts:
    • Music: Listen to music about the sea including shanties. Learn traditional Welsh shanties.
    • Art: Investigate different types of tropical fish especially those who live or deep under the sea in order to paint them. Create a fabric collage of the sea and its water using various blues, greens, silvers and different textures of fabric.
    • Digital Media: Explore the internet for pictures of boats / ships / vessels to create a digital collage.
    • Dance: Watch videos and move like sea animals to form a creative dance.
    • Drama: Act out their story of the Lifeboat and the Storm (and film it). Use the green screen.


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