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Progress Step 3

Autumn Term: War and Peace!

Broad Overview
  • Spark an Interest Day: Dress Up as an Evacuee.
  • Languages, Literature and Communication
    • Welsh Language Genres: Creative Diary of the Blitz, An Evacuee’s Personal, Creative Letter, Factual Report on the Second World War.
    • English Language Genres: Extract of a Playscript for Dad's Army, Ending of a Story (Using 'Goodnight Mr. Tom' by Michelle Magorian), Monologue of a First World War Soldier (Using 'War Horse' by Michael Morpurgo)
    • Welsh Language Nnovel of the Term: 'Pluen' by Manon Steffan Ros / 'Caffi Merelli
      o by GR Germin (adapted by Mared Llwyd).
    • Foreign Language: Spanish
  • Humanities
    • History: Anne Frank, Racism in the 1940s, Write the Personal Diary of Anne Frank. Compare experiences of WWII Evacuees with current Refugee experiences. Bletchley Park codes (eg 'Caesar Shift Code', 'Pigpen Cipher', 'Transposition Cipher and' Vignere Square Cipher '). Analyse photos from the Blitz. Bevin Boys. Conscientious Objectors. The impact of war on the Community of Abergavenny. Watch excerpts of 'Coal House at War' which was filmed in Blaenavon. Take notes on extracts of 'How Green Was My Valley" (1941, U) and Coal House (2007,U).
    • Geography: Map Allied Countries, Axis Countries and Neutral Countries in World War II. Map and Grading work to plot the Blitz bombing.
    • Religious Education: Sikhism: Symbols (e.g. the Khanda), Beliefs, the Gurus, Traditional Sikh Costume (Panj Kakkar), Diwali (October), Places of Worship for Different Religions.
    • Business Studies and Entrepreneurship: Make and Sell chutney using Garden produce Forward planning Profit and Loss Expenses using Excel.
  • Health and Wellbeing
    • Personal Care and Development: Read and work on 'Peace in Words' by Matthew James Dicken. Show empathy and sympathy. Mindfulness Techniques. Changes to the body (suitable for their ages)
    • Relationships and Emotions: Read and work on the Holocaust based on stereotyping and 'Rose Blanche' by Roberto Innocenti. Stereotyping in the news. Read selections and work on contemporary refugees based on 'The Boy in the Back of the Class' by Onjali Rauf. KIVA work.
    • Staying Safe: Food hygiene, Stranger Danger, Discuss Security, Sharing and Chatting Online, Fireworks Safety. Online Security is expected to be taught regularly.
    • Healthy choices: Excessive use of ICT and its impact on the body and sleep. The impact of artificial light and ‘blue’ light '.
    • Physical activity: (1) Hockey, (2) Basketball (3) Dances from the 1940 (e.g. Jitterbug, Swing, Foxtrot).
  • Science and Technology
    • Biology: The Skeleton, Investigate the sizes of Parts of the Body (eg a person's height is usually about 7 times the size of him/her). Respiratory System. Investigation into Lung Size (Gas Volume). Heartbeat experiment and Exercise. Effects of Smoking. Changes to the body (suitable for the age of pupils).
    • Chemistry: Experiment on effect of acids on the objects (eggshell / taste, pennies).
    • Physics: Experiments and models of WWI aircraft. Forces affecting Aeroplanes.
    • Design and Technology (Food Technology): Cooking Recipes from WWII.
    • Computing: Use Excel formulas and collect information on injuries and deaths of World War II. Create a Database with hyperlinks of Songs of World War II and Use Investigations.
  • Mathematics and Numeracy
    • Numeracy Work Across the Curriculum: Money problems and rationing. Imperial units to Metric Conversion Within Recipes. Graphing war deaths and injuries each year between 1939-1940. Work stems from skills taught in Maths lessons.
    • Financial Literacy: Receive Finance as a group to organize VE Day.
  • Expressive Arts
    • Music: WWII era Music, Vera Lynn, Flanagan and Allan, etc.
    • Art: Blitz Art, Multimedia Skyline of a City, Evacuee Collage in Multimedia
    • Digital Media: Multimedia presentations on the Second World War.
    • Dance: Learn Dances from the 1940s (e.g. Jitterbug, Swing, Foxtrot).
    • Drama: Create their own propaganda films and advertisement scripts.


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