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Progress Step 3

The Land of the Sphinx!

Broad Overview

  • Languages, Literacy and Communication
    • Welsh Genres: Film Script of The Egyptians, Book Review, Information Sheet on the Ancient Egyptians
    • English language genres: Poetry Narrative Description, the Shocking Discovery of the Pharoah’s Tomb
    • Welsh language Novel of the Term: 'Trwy’r Darlun' by Manon Steffan Ros
    • Foreign Languages: French
  • Humanities
    • History: The Pyramids, Tutankhamun, Nefartiti, Cleopatra, Mummies, Howard Carter
    • Geography: Compare the Nile River with Rivers in Wales, Map landmarks in Egypt, Project to Compare Cairo and Cardiff (in terms of Population, Climate, Rainfall and Landscape).
    • Religious Education: Islam: Muhammad, The Mosque, Beliefs, Ramadan, Islamic Relief charity, Islamophobia, Compare Mosque and Church after visiting.
    • Business Studies and Entrepreneurship: Learn How to Make Paper through recycling Plants and Old Paper and Selling them.
  • Health and Well Being
    • Personal Care and Development: The effect of Video Games on the body and the brain, Understanding the importance of age appropriateness in Video Games and Movies. Read and undertake work on excess, based on "The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley' by Colin Thompson. Body Changes and Hygiene (learning to age-appropriate level). Changes in school and how to prepare for moving class / school.
    • Relationships and Emotions: Anti-bullying, Celebrating Differences, Understanding what the meaning of Homophobia and Transphobia.
    • Staying Safe: Safe Touch (learning to age-appropriate level). Online Security is expected to be taught regularly.
    • Healthy choices: Nutrients in Food: What are they? How much protein, carbohydrates, salt etc is needed in a day? Understand what calories are.
    • Physical activity: (1) Cricket, (2) Athletics (3) Safe-Cycling.
  • Science and Technology
    • Biology: Life Cycle of Plants, Plant Growth Experiment to see what Compost that Best.
    • Chemistry: Experiment Using Natural Substances in order to make Permanent Paint for their Artwork, Making Papyrus Paper out of Plants.
    • Physics: Experiment build pyramids using a Newtonmeter and drawing along bricks across Different Surfaces to Measure the Effect of Friction. Electrical Symbols, Parallel and Series Circuits. Conductors experiment.
    • Design and Technology (Textiles): Design and Painting Textile Patterns of the Ancient Egyptians.
    • Computing: Coding project to create an Egyptian Game.
  • Mathematics and Numeracy
    • Numeracy Work Across the Curriculum: Numeracy Work Across the Curriculum: Planning a Holiday to Egypt and work out the costs. Work stems from skills taught in Mathematics lessons.
    • Financial Literacy: Advantages and Disadvantages of Bank Accounts, Advantages and Disadvantages of Cash and Cards.
  • Expressive Arts
    • Music: Adapt and Create music using software to go in their film.
    • Art: Hieroglyphic Art experimenting with different techniques.
    • Digital Media: Create and Edit Movies about the Egyptians, produce a screening for their Parents of their Films.
    • Dance: Use Software to customize music to create a disco dance.
    • Drama: Create and Edit Films about the Egyptians.


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